Science & Business

Improving the plant and animal industry with scientifically enhanced bio compounds.

Letavis develops both IP and commercializes products based on existing and verified research and business results. Our R&D team then develops and refines these for specific market purposes. In short, we continuously introduce and develop new forms of known substances specifically designed to our market sectors. Letavis products are safe, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and climate positive. Letavis product portfolio improves life, quality and growth in both animal and plants.


Plant division: Team focusing on products allowing our agriculture customers to increase yield or enhance quality and durability. Working closely with our clients the plant division supports the implementation, scale up and assures the effects of increasing production and durability. The Letavis Plants discoveries are unique and offers an unprecedented possibility to the industry. Contact us for more information on how to increase your profitability with the Letavis products and system.


Animal Division: Highly designed natural compounds with documented health benefits. Treatment for Ileitis in porcine farming and reduces weening difficulties. Benefits in terms of growth, reduced need of feedstock, faster production and therefore reduced carbon emissions and healthy pigs. Positive business case identified for farmers using our products.

Market Potential:

  • 9 00 000 000 pigs are currently in production worldwide. (approx. 30% expected growth improvement)
  • The Scirona product development represents an alternative for current need for harmful usage of Zink treatments. Healthy Scirona porcine reduces the massive usage of feedstock and medication
  • Indirectly we attack the problem of increasing the bacteria resistance globally.